Can anyone take a class?

Yes! Our instructors will encourage you to give it your all! The intensity of the workout depends entirely upon the individual rider. It's your ride; you can take it easy, or push as hard as your physical capabilities allow.  Please let your instructor know of any health or fitness issuesyou may have before class.  Also, please consult your physician before taking on any new exercise program.

what should I wear?

While you are welcome to wear whatever you are comfortable in, we do recommend for maximum comfort, a tight fitting bike short or legging that will not get caught in your bike.  Expect to sweat, so it's best to wear a quick-drying fabric.  Our recommendation for footwear, and for maximum performance, are SPD-cleat bike shoes which clip directly into our pedals.  If you choose to wear sneakers--flat bottom,


what if I never took an indoor cycle class before?

No worries! Our certified trainers will fit you to the bike, and work with you to get you acclimated.  If you are new to indoor cycling, please tell us--we will provide a little extra TLC to help you on your way. And always remember--you always have the option to pedal at your own pace until you are ready to follow along completely.  

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what should I bring?

Always bring enough water to feel hydrated.  Since sweating is not an option, please bring a small towel. Although showers are not available, we do have small lockers for your personals; but kindly leave your valuables at home.